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In honour of Pride, we sought out inspiring individuals in the LGBTQ+ community and asked them: How do you actually identify? No labels. No expectations. Here, see how fun—and moving—true individuality can really be.

Introducing the Shave With Pride Set: Each has an iridescent handle that’s a little bit different, just like every one of us. Even better? 100% of profits are donated to LGBTQ+ causes.

Jonathan Van Ness

Groomer & TV Personality

Netflix’s uplifting (and often sob-inducing) Queer Eye struck a cultural nerve this year, in large part due to the boundless energy and spirit of Jonathan Van Ness. His signature feel-good affirmations and wonderfully flamboyant witticisms—delivered at hyperspeed—have made him the show’s breakout star.

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Dr. Ranj Singh

Pediatrician & TV Host

Dr. Ranj Singh found his calling working with kids, but his pediatric duties are just one facet of his life. As a TV presenter, Singh uses his platform to approach public health holistically, encouraging young people to be healthy and happy, inside and out.

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Kele Okereke


“Since having my daughter, I feel like I'm getting a lot more attuned to the child in me, watching this child in front of me develop, and seeing how we're connected.”
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Jake & Hannah Graf

Writer-Director and Army Captain

Jake and Hannah Graf, both transgender, suddenly found themselves becoming community leaders simply as a result of falling in love. Jake (a filmmaker) and Hannah (an army captain) are now redefining what a modern relationship can look like.

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Tia Simon-Campbell and Nadine Davis

Event Producers & Community Builders

As black, queer women, Tia Simon-Campbell and Nadine Davis were in need of a respite for the constant feeling of being othered. So they began creating all-inclusive events geared towards London’s queer and trans people of colour, where their community can just exist—simply, safely, happily.

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We’re proud sponsors

of Pride in London.

Everyone featured above picked an LGBTQ+ charity that holds special meaning for them. We’re distributing 100% of profits from our Shave With Pride Set to each of those causes. Here, find the full list of charities, and explore what they’re all about.