Our Mission

We Give a Shave About
Getting People Ready

And razors are only part of the story...

Our Giving Model

We support City Year and other organizations dedicated to getting
people ready for their next big step. We call it Harry's 1 + 1.

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1% Sales

We give 1% of Harry’s sales to City Year’s New York chapter. When we say “sales”, we’re talking about what accountants call “net revenue”. That means 1% of every purchase of Harry’s product, online or wholesale, goes to the organization. There is no cap to the amount of money we give to City Year.

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1% Time

All Harry’s employees volunteer 1% of their time at work with City Year and other organizations that get people ready. We focus on projects that use our team’s skills to grow our partners’ impact—from wireframing websites to creating pitch decks for potential donors.

Our Current Partner

- City Year -

City Year prepares young adults for the real
world with a very real experience:

With City Year, corps members learn valuable professional
and life skills, all the while fighting high national dropout
rates and cultivating a passion for volunteering.

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Our Education Program

- H'University -

An online video series brought to you by Harry's.
Learn real-world skills from world-class entrepreneurs.
No tuition required.

Watch Now

Our First Hackathon

We hosted a teamwide, day-long Harry’s hackathon to tackle a key organizational challenge City Year faces. Now, a group of Harry’s employees representing nearly all of our departments is building a mobile app to help City Year recruit more male corps members.

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