The Truman

The Truman

Odds are you probably use Gillette, or at least you’ve heard of them. So it's only natural for you to wonder who is Harry's and how do they compare to the brand that's been the shaving standard for decades. Well, we'd love to answer both questions.

We built Harry's to offer guys everywhere what we wanted ourselves — high-quality blades at fair prices, delivered directly to you. In 5 years, we've sold more than 10 million razors. We bought our own world-class German razor blade factory, offer a 100% quality guarantee, and have won more than a few awards for the quality of our products (see: AskMen, GQ, Esquire, Men's Health).

How do we compare? In the chart below, we've presented a few of the key differences between ourselves and Gillette that we're most proud of.

Category Gillette Fusion Harry's
Razor Features 5-blades, flexible head, lubricating strip, trimmer blade Yes Yes
Price $2 or less per five-blade cartridge on a Shave Plan No Yes
Design Winner of 2017 GQ grooming award; ability to customize handle colors No Yes
Innovation Used customer feedback to launch upgraded razor model without increasing prices No Yes
Company Size Independently owned No Yes

The Shave Experience

Real customers who have tried both Harry’s and Gillette share their experiences on Twitter. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Harry's Trial Set with foaming shave gel, orange truman razor handle, travel blade cover, packaging and bag

Decide For Yourself

At Harry's we know that switching to a new razor isn't an easy decision. That's why we created a trial offer so that you can experience the quality of a Harry's shave before committing. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with the ability to cancel online at any time.