Dear potential customer,

Life is too crazy as it is. In the spirit of keeping things simple, here’s everything we think you should know about what we do, how we do it, and why we think you won’t be disappointed if you give Harry’s a try.

Feel free to skip ahead and see what comes in our Trial Offer if you’d like.

What do we do?

We make sharp, durable razor blades and sell them for about $2 each.

They’re high-quality, but less than half the price of Gillette Fusion ProShield’s blades, which you may have seen locked behind a case at your local drugstore.

What makes our razors different?

  1. We only include the features that we believe matter most for a close, comfortable shave: 5 blades, a flexible head, a lubrication strip, a trimmer blade, and a weighted handle.
  2. Our prices are fair and consistent at a level that hopefully saves you some money.
  3. Simple, clean design. Close your eyes and picture a razor, not a spaceship.

(We aren’t a fan of gimmicky features that don’t improve the quality of a shave all that much.)

How do we do it?

By owning our own world-class razor blade factory in Germany that’s been making blades from the highest quality steel for nearly 100 years, we can confidently offer a 100% quality guarantee.

We ship directly to your doorstep from our American distribution centers, which allows us to pass cost savings on to you and hopefully saves you a trip to the store.

Why do we do it?

Like lots of guys, our co-founders Jeff and Andy had a frustrating experience buying overpriced razors from brands that felt out of touch. So they started a company to fix shaving by offering a great shave at a fair price, plain and simple.

A better way to shave isn’t where the story ends. We set aside a percentage of every sale and dedicate time as a team to helping charitable organizations like Stop Soldier Suicide, Headstrong, A CALL TO MEN, and CALM.

Why give us a try?

We understand that it can feel daunting to switch up your shaving routine.

That’s why we offer a Trial Set that comes with everything you need to experience the quality of a Harry’s shave before committing. Get a weighted handle, five-blade razor, foaming shave gel, and travel blade cover.

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Thanks for considering us,

The Harry’s Team