Shave Day

We support all of you who are growing out your mustaches this month, so we're creating a holiday in appreciation of your commitment.

Join us on December 1st
for National Shave Day
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Due to incredible demand, our early supply
of National Shave Day razors is sold out.
Don't worry, you can still pick one up on Dec. 1st

The Plan

  1. Grow your mo.
  2. Show your mo in partner shops Dec. 1
  3. Grab a limited edition razor, on us.
  4. Shave goodbye.

The Proof You should be proud of yourself. Share an ecard to mo-tivate others.

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Mustaches Love Company

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Don't Like the Stache? Mo' for Me

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The Partners Go here on December 1st to pick up a limited edition razor on us.