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One-Two Set
One-Two Set
One-Two Set
One-Two Set

One-Two Set

$12.00 (Includes handle & shave cream)

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1: a Truman handle equipped with a German engineered blade.
2: a travel size tube of shave cream.
Together: shaving paired down to the essentials.

Ergonomic Handle Design

The Truman handle was designed for comfort and control. The handle has a weighted core for substance, and the molded exterior provides an ergonomic grip. It may be the best-looking thing in your bathroom. (Other than you.)

Saddle: Subtle ridges and a smooth indentation provide a tactile platform for fine motor control.
Contour: A slight bend ensures that the blade meets your beard at the optimal cutting angle.
Core: Evenly distributed weight enables balance and control.
Rounded End: The soft end allows the handle to roll easily in the palm.
Marula & Coconut Oils: Moisturize to soften your beard, preparing it for a close shave that leaves your skin smooth and soft.
Tusi Leaf, Cucumber, Milk Thistle Fruit, Licorice Root Extracts: Calm and soothe your skin, protecting it during the shaving.
Peppermint & Eucalyptus Oils: Refresh and revitalize the skin, leaving a pleasantly cool scent behind.

Moisturizing Shave Cream

Our cream is formulated with natural ingredients to deliver effortless glide during your shave. Your skin is soothed by licorice and cucumber, moisturized by marula and coconut oils, and refreshed by eucalyptus and peppermint.


1 Truman Razor Handle
1 Shave Cream (2.0oz)
1 German Engineered Blade Cartridge


A Truman and 2 oz shave cream in a practical little box. Take it on the road or try it at home; works anywhere.

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