How to shave your face: top tips revealed


Let’s set the scene; you wake up ready to take on another day. You yawn, stretch and rub your hand across your cheek... Feels like a shave day.

From skin prep to finishing touches, we’re here to help give your well-honed routine a refresh. Even the most seasoned shavers will learn something new, we promise.*

*okay, so we can’t promise promise. But a reminder never hurt anyone, right?

Cleanse your skin
Get those whiskers wet by giving your face a good wash. Hydrating the hairs makes them significantly easier to cut - that’s a fact.

For even better results, slough off any dead skin cells (they’re only holding you back) with a gentle exfoliator. This gives you a smooth base to start from.

Our Face Wash , doubles up as a cleanser and a gentle exfoliant. Sign us up.

Pro tip: shave during, or right after your shower. Clean face, supple skin, soft whiskers - heaven.
Check your shaving tools
Dull blades are for dull people - and we know that’s not you. Blade lifespan varies from person to person; while some may make their blades last a month, others might prefer to swap after a couple of shaves.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule here, but if the blades are starting to tug, swap the cartridge. This can help to reduce razor burn.
Start lathering with a Shave Gel or Cream
It’s not that you should be splattering products all over yourself like a wannabe Jackson Pollock, but having a nourishing layer between your blades and your skin provides essential protection.

It sounds obvious but, in our opinion, quality Shave Gels and Creams can make a big difference between a smooth shave and, let’s be honest, a potential blood-bath.

Not sure if a Gel or a Cream is right for you? Luckily, we’ve done the leg work, right here.
Shave with the grain
The skin on your face is resilient, yet sensitive - just like you. Taking your shave gently is the best way to get great results.

After a couple of days’ growth, run your hands along your face. Really get to know the curvature of your jaw and neck; the direction in which the hair falls is an indication of your path to follow. Who are we to argue with biology?

Pro tip: for some people, facial hair grows in a number of different directions - sometimes switching up your angle may help.
How to stop clogging
We recommend rinsing your blades after every couple of strokes. Do this with warm water (not hot) from back-to-front. Clogging has never been in, and we’re not about to start.

Remember, we’re taking sharp blades to our face, so a light pressure is enough. Relax, lighten up and enjoy the glide.
Beard trimming and tidying
Missed a spot? That’s okay, nobody’s perfect - lather up and give it another go. Just don’t dive back in and dry-shave that stubble, you’ll only undo the masterful work you’ve already done.

Fancy sculpting? Whether you’re tidying up a magnificent beard, defining your mutton-chops or manoeuvring around your nose, using the precision trimmer on the flip-side of the cartridge will help. It’s the little things.
Post-Shave care
We know you’re running a little late, but we think this last bit is important.

Rinse and refresh your skin with cold water, then pat-dry gently to avoid irritation. Apply a post-shave Balm or Mist , as a well-deserved final flourish to your shave.

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Nailed it
Now, take a look in the bathroom mirror and admire your hairless masterpiece. Go on, run your hand across your cheek again. Feel that? Nice work.