Types & styles of mustaches - and how to grow one!


However you wear it (and we think it looks great, by the way) your facial hair is a form of self-expression.

Some think that mustaches should be left to the bold, or in the 70s. We disagree. There are a myriad of mustache styles out there in the world - it would be a crime not to try at least one of them.

Trouble knowing where to start? Keep reading.

Mustache types
So you’ve made the decision to grow one. You’ve told your friends, your mum, your partner (they were dubious) so now there’s no going back. You stare in the bathroom mirror, trying to work out whether you’ve got an oblong face or an oval face as the regret seeps in.

Stop. Who cares what kind of face you have? Choose the style you like best - you’ll be happier for it:

A horseshoe mustache will bring you luck. Pass it on.

Fancy something classic and low maintenance? We recommend a chevron mustache.

A handlebar mustache is always a good choice. Whether you like cycling or not.

And if you’re not quite ready for any of those yet: beardstache - we’re comin’ for ya.
Styling your mustache
Just like giving yourself a clean shave every morning, having the best tools can make mustache grooming a welcome daily practice.


Depending on which style you choose, you’ll either want electric clippers or some small barbers scissors to keep rogue hairs at bay.


‘How did he get those handlebars so high?’ Wax, my friend. Use this to rub, pull and twist to your heart’s content.


Using a small trimming blade, like on the top of our CARTRIDGES , is a great option for keeping your look sharp. Pun intended.
Mustache types
Bad news - you can’t. There will be a point during that mid-growth stage where you look a bit ridiculous. We think that’s part of the adventure.

If you want to avoid this as much as possible, grow out your beard to its full length and then cut everything down into the style you want.

Your face, as they say, is your oyster.
What next?
Having all this attention forcibly directed at your moustachioed visage is great, but the effort should really extend to the rest of your face.

If you’re going for a tache-only style, then taking care of your clean-shaven skin is paramount. Want our top tips? Sure you do, they’re right HERE .