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We support organizations that are aligned with our ambition to try and help guys navigate what it means to be a man today.
Our partners believe there is more than one way to be a man.
Society puts lots of pressure on guys to act a certain way. Outdated stereotypes can be harmful, not just to guys but to communities, and we are committed to working with organizations to evolve the conversation on what it means to be a man today and, in doing so, hope to have a positive impact on the lives of men.
Our Giving Model
At Harry’s, we believe it’s our duty to try to do good for our customers and the community more broadly. As part of that effort, we set aside a percentage of our sales, and a lot of our time, for charitable organizations. We always have, and we always will because it’s just the right thing to do. Meet some of our partners below.
The Representation Project
The Representation Project inspires individuals and communities to challenge and overcome limiting stereotypes. As an Impact Partner, Harry’s helps support an Annual Youth Summit that brings together 100 14-to-21-year-olds to expand the narrative around traditional gender roles.
A Call to Men
A CALL TO MEN works to promote a healthy and respectful manhood and shift attitudes and behaviors that devalue marginalized groups. Our donation will be used to digitize their training program in schools so that hundreds of additional educators can use it at a fraction of the typical cost.
The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is a U.K.-based charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. They offer support and focus on changing the culture that prevents men from seeking help when they need it. We currently work with CALM as our primary social mission partner in the U.K.
The Bronx Freedom Fund
Even one night in jail can cause someone to lose their job, their home, even custody of their children. The Bronx Freedom Fund is a nonprofit that pays bail for people accused of misdemeanors so that they can stay out of jail while they await trial. With our donation, we expect to keep over 50 men at home with their communities.